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Travelers and foodies around the world, we are so glad you stopped by.  

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Our ranking system is simple. 

Food: 1-5 forks. 1 is a no no. 5 is amazing.

Hotels: 1-5 pillows. 1 is so bad. 5 is the best. 

About Us

Meredith & Brian

We started traveling long before we met. Our first day together at US Airways in 2011 was the start of many new adventures. Since then we have visited 13 countries, multiple states and our Bucket List is still pretty long. 

We love to travel and try new, exciting foods. In 2012 we decided to start documenting our trips and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with fellow explorers. We came up with the name Love Lunch Liftoff because we used to take day trips just to get lunch from a new restaurant. 

Working for the airlines has afforded us many opportunities and now we have the blessing to take our son with us too. Follow us on our next adventure. 

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