The Bank – Dublin, Ireland

After a long day of sightseeing around the city we decided to stop at The Bank to get a taste of some local history. The Bank has been in that same location since 1892 when the property was acquired from British Mutual and became Belfast Bank. The project took 2 years to complete and costs more than 8,000 euros. The interior which was once the main bank is grand and overly exquisite displaying ornate design, a stained glass ceiling, tile floors and hand carved woodworks. If you walk downstairs you will see the old vaults and safes that were used in the original bank. It was better than I had expected. Being such a popular location for tourists and locals alike it was packed for dinner. That usually means it’s a great place. We were able to squeeze in at the side bar to order some food and drinks.Since we were in Dublin our main interest was drinking fresh Guinness pints. It really makes a difference drinking it locally as opposed to having it sit in a keg and losing some of the true flavor being shipped overseas.We ordered the The Bank’s Platter to have with our pints. Fried deliciousness! It featured various appetizer choices all in one…potato wedges, breaded mushrooms, cocktail sausages, vegetable samasas, vegetable spring rolls, chicken goujons and torpedo prawns. My favorite of them all was the vegetable spring rolls.We hung out for quite awhile having drinks and soaking up some of the local Irish fun. The service was great. Even though it was busy our drinks stayed full. It is a very cool restaurant to visit and would definitely recommend stopping by if you are in Dublin.

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