El Tigre – Madrid, Spain

If you are in Madrid and looking for the nightlife experience, than El Tigre is the place to start things off. Let me set the scene: picture young people standing shoulder to shoulder laughing and enjoying drinks, while the waitstaff brings you plates and plates of tapas to enjoy. As long as you have a drink at your table/in your hand, expect some sort of finger food to arrive. As an American, receiving this large amount of food/appetizers..I would have expected to pay somewhere between $30-40 easily, but nope! Only half that amount was spent and that was only for my drinks which consisted of quite a few beers and a few glasses of sangria.

Im not sure I could list the many of varieties of tapas but its the best bang for your buck. There were corn fritters, chicken/fried rice plates, finger sandwiches, potato/home fries, sausage and potato plates, and of course iberico ham everywhere. I think their focus is on variety and price vs quality. But dont get me wrong…its a great example of bar food Spanish style that serves a purpose. You have to get some food on your stomach if you are going to party like a rock star.

Now this isn’t top shelf by any means, but it is extremely affordable. This is the place where the young hip cool folks go. That’s why I was there! It was also a stop on the Pub/Bar Crawl we did with the Uhostel group. A great stop to get some food in your belly and prepare your body for a night of dancing and drinking. So, when you are ready to begin your evening in Madrid, hit up El Tigre loosin up your belt and enjoy!

El Tigre: Calle de las Infantas, 23, 28004 Madrid, Spain

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