Shake Shack – Chicago, IL

I am obsessed with Shake Shack. It is a must have anytime I come near one. We live in NC so we don’t have easy access to one except when we travel. This time I had the Shack Burger with cheese and bacon. It has the best flavor. Fresh ingredients and put together with such care. It’s never squished together or thrown together on your plate. We also got the cheese fries and a hot dog with cheese. The fries are awesome. Crinkle fries with hot cheese on top. The hot dog was also out of this world great. It was on a buttery, toasted bun which adds so much extra flavor. We also had milkshakes…chocolate and vanilla. Both flavors were very good. Love, love, love Shake Shack. I fully believe you will never get a bad meal at any Shake Shack.

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