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Scrambled Southern Diner – Greensboro, NC

Scrambled Southern Diner – Greensboro, NC

We finally walked in and got seated at Scrambled without at least a 1hr wait. Clearly the key to avoid the wait is hitting them on a weekday in the morning. The place was still full. That is a great indicator of how good the food is.

With the average cost of breakfast or lunch about $10-12, for the portion size and flavor, it’s well worth it. The look of the place reminded me of a small Cheesecake Factory/Diner with a full service bar. Good music was playing and the service was great. 

We ordered:SkilletsGreen Eggs and Ham – 10.75 and Chorizo, scallions, queso fresco, salsa verde, chili lime crema Three Little Pigs — 11.5 Pulled pork, bacon, country sausage, black beans, cheddar cheese, green chili.

From the folks we’ve talk to and all the rave reviews, this place lives up to the hype. You need to start your day with some Scrambled!

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