MJ Live {Las Vegas, NV at The Rio}

There aren’t many things that can simultaneously make me smile, cry and take my breath away. Michael Jackson’s music does that to me. Jalles Franca with MJ Live will give you that same feeling. I never had the opportunity to see MJ before he passed; I’ve never felt closer. His dancing was so exact and precise. His singing was like listening to a Michael Jackson song on the radio. He is a showman. He got the crowd involved, the dancers were excited, the band was great. Everything about the show was truly amazing. I managed to get one of the shirts they threw out at the beginning too! The icing on the cake was at the end. Jalles stayed after to take photos, sign autographs and chat with us. I was so impressed that he took the extra time for the fans. MJ fans are unlike any other. Most of us would go to the end of the earth for the chance to have a photo. Now I have one. I feel like I spent my last night in Vegas singing and dancing with MJ. Fantastic show. A Vegas must see.

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