Last Visit to Mad Hatter | Greensboro, NC

Saturday Feb 24, 2018 (Brunch)

I hate leaving negative reviews for local restaurants but this was unacceptable today. Mad Hatter has been one of my local faves since they opened. Until today.

I met part of my family for lunch around noon. This was the first time we had been since the change to only serving brunch and not the full menu. Cool…no problem; we love their brunch menu items.

We were sat quickly. A waiter took our drink orders quickly. Our 3rd guest didn’t arrive until about 12:15pm when we ordered our food. At that time she also ordered a Diet Coke. 45 MINUTES LATER our food came out. We didn’t order anything fancy. Regular menu items. That’s also when the waiter brought her soda (after being reminded).

Even after the wait I would normally blow it off but my son’s kids plate was missing his order of fries. I stopped a young lady that worked there (since our waiter didn’t come back to check on us) and asked to speak with the manager and for his fries to be brought out. She told us she was the manager. We explained our experience and how disappointed we were. She also assumed the kids pancakes don’t come with a side. I explained the menu says differently and she got a menu to prove me wrong. She quickly realized she was wrong. The menu doesn’t state pancakes are the exception for getting a side. I think she said I’m sorry but can’t really remember because I’m still in shock that she could’ve cared less. I’m not one to expect a free meal however when a customer expresses concern about your establishment and how crappy it was a 10% discount on the check would be nice.

No discount, no accommodation.

I’ve worked in multiple restaurants, bars, grills, etc over the years and when my personal service sucked a manger would do something to appease the customers. The last thing you want is a bad review or customers that say they will never return. At this point an offer to return and “try us again” won’t even be accepted.

So, in closing work on your time from order to table, find a way to accommodate annoyed customers when it wasn’t their fault, train your waitstaff to check on their tables when the food is taking awhile. That includes training them to be honest and say “hey, I’m sorry. The kitchen is a little backed up but we are working on your order. Is there anything else I can get for you in the meantime?” It’s the courtesy thought that counts. Oh, one more tip: when a customer corrects you on what your menu says don’t get a copy to prove them wrong. Just fix the messed up order.

If you’re looking for brunch in the G’boro area I have a few places to recommend. Drop a comment and I’ll let you know.


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