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Dave & Buster’s is in Winston Salem!!

Dave & Buster’s is in Winston Salem!!
Dave & Buster’s VIP Grand Opening in Winston Salem

I haven’t been this excited about playing games since my first Nintendo circa 1984. Now, it’s even more exciting because I have a kid of my own. He is three and he seriously cried crocodile size tears tonight when he realized he wasn’t allowed in the VIP Grand Opening because he’s slightly below the legal limit. Brian and I took turns checking out the all new adult play area. It’s not just for adults though. All ages are welcome.

I’m sure many Winstonians are wondering what makes this place different? There’s quite a long list of things but we’ll keep it simple: the food, the games, the prizes and the cocktails!

  • The food is OUTSTANDING. Leaps above other gaming places. You will not be disappointed. We tried a big variety tonight. The burger was great. The shrimp was fantastic. The steak was delicious and tender. Even the Caesar salad was delicious. Now, the desserts were next level. Eclairs, brownie style cake with cookie crumb crust. Y’all. Don’t skimp on the desserts. Save room!
  • The games are all BRAND NEW. Large, adult size games. Kids can play too. No more of that bending over or getting down on one knee to reach it. Tons and tons of games to choose from. I couldn’t even take in all the options. I saw Fruit Ninja, a virtual reality Star Trek, life size Connect Four, Jurassic Park, and so much more.
  • The prizes are also ADULT FRIENDLY. They have things you actually want to take home. iPads, Kuerigs, Nerf guns, lava lamps and more.
  • The cocktails were DELICIOUS! I tried the fancy one with a light up ice cube and it totally made my day.

Not only are they bringing all the fun stuff we mentioned above; they have hired 232 local employees! Thank you for bringing job opportunities to this area. The company is very active in the community. They work with charities like the Make A Wish Foundation. They will open at 10am through the summer months since kids will be out of school and at home driving their parents nuts.

The have 42 TVs! Yes, 42!! Fellas, there is nothing sports related you can’t see here. Each section can play different games or shows to accommodate multiple events at once.

You can have birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, private events. They can host parties from a family size up to 1,166 people!

We had a great time visiting this evening and giving it a quick test run. We hope you will visit next week when they officially open on Monday. Thank you to Yvonne, Shelby and Dean for inviting us and treating us with extra special care. We can’t wait to come back next week with our son Bryson!

Dave & Buster’s

3320 Silas Creek Pkwy #300

Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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