Crepes and Waffles – Bogota, Colombia

We were staying just around the corner at Bogota Marriott and stopped here for an afternoon snack. We saw it on Google Maps and it had good recommendations. The corner restuarant has ample outdoor seating as well as indoor. The weather is so nice during the day the outdoor seating was perfect. We ordered one crepe and one dessert. I wasn’t sure how big the crepes would be…to my surprise it was massive! I’ve never had a crepe like this. I got the Mexican Chicken Crepe. It was loaded with shredded chicken in a spicy buffalo flavored sauce, lettuce, salsa, queso and a spicy sauce. It was so good. I never expected it to taste as good as it did. Crepes I’ve had before were filled like a small quesadilla but this one was piled on top. He ordered dessert and had the Mini Waffles with Fruit. It had blueberries and rasberries with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. Also very delicious. If you’re looking for a light afternoon dessert this is the place to try. The prices were also fair. The service was great, although english is limited. Prep yourself for Spanish ordering.

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