Cowfish Supports Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding has become a hot topic over the last few years earning trending hashtags like #NormalizeBreastfeeding, #BreastIsBest and #BreastfeedWithoutFear. Being a new mother to a 7 week old I’ve experienced my own trouble attempting to feed my son in public places. The stares that make you feel like you are some type of weirdo, the cover yourself up and the feeling that you should just go to your car to do that. I’ve yet to experience a stranger speaking atrocities to me while breastfeeding however some of my close friends have not been so lucky. On a happier note today I was treated with the most respect and I will never forget how it felt.

I was obsessed with Cowfish before today’s visit. The service I received today was off the charts. As a new mother it’s a treat in itself to be able to sit in a restaurant and have a fresh, hot meal. That doesn’t always happen though. My day started at 4am to allow time to drive to Charlotte for my newborn son’s dental surgery. I found out yesterday he has tongue tie which was causing breastfeeding issues and could potentially cause problems down the road for him. By some grace of God the dentist had a cancellation available today and gave him the appointment. He had the surgery and we were sent on our way. We stopped at Cowfish on our way back home. It was time for him to eat and I typically nurse him wherever we are. Today was not the same. Because of the surgery he was having issues eating. I left the restaurant and went to the car to get him some privacy. I was outside for about 30 minutes. Of course our food came while I was gone. Our hot food. Our waitress came back to the table and asked if my food should be bagged up to take home. My boyfriend told her I would come back and eat once we finished. She then suggested to box it up and when I returned they would make a fresh plate for me. I was in shock. I’ve never had anyone show that kind of care and concern. Being stressed and overwhelmed this calmed my nerves a bit and filled my belly.

Cowfish was already at the top of my list for my favorite restaurant. This placed them in the #1 spot in my book. Breastfeeding mothers are not always treated with the respect they deserve in public. It’s a full time job feeding a child. Most people don’t realize that unless they’ve done it. Amazing, fresh and unique food combined with stellar customer service makes for a top notch restaurant. To our waitress Desire, thank you for being so caring today. People like you remind me that humanity is not lost. If you haven’t tried Cowfish and love burgers and sushi please go visit. They have a location in Charlotte and Raleigh. If you’re in Charlotte ask for Desire.

To all mothers struggling like we were don’t give up. It’s a hard road. It’s not perfect for everyone. I’m saddened that we don’t talk about these issues more. I read books, articles, downloaded the apps, etc and not once read about tongue tie and the complications it can cause. If there are other mommies out there struggling with breastfeeding and don’t know where to turn feel free to message or email me. I’ll do everything I can to help you. It’s the best thing for your baby. You can email me at or leave a comment here.


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