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Courtyard Village – Bonaire

Courtyard Village – Bonaire

Like most people, we research locations and accommodations before we lock in on a vacation. We looked at Bonaire initially because AA started nonstop flights from MIA.After scanning lots of reviews from Trip Advisor, Facebook, and various travel blogs, you can get stark contrasting views and opinions.

Pros: The hotel location is minutes from the airport and they have a shuttle. The service is EXCELLENT! Friendly staff. Checkin was easy and done with a smile. Shai was GREAT! We even saw her out while we were sightseeing, with her family at a cafe. She came over and introduced her parents to us like we were old friends. She even called the hotel to pick us up, saving us int’l phone charges, cab fare, and time. Jennifer was AWESOME as well! Very nice and helpful.
Rooms are in seperate buildings. It seemed like 2 rooms on the first level and 2 rooms on the second level. Its very PICTURESQUE and they are situated on either side of a nice wide walkway. They have golf carts to take you to your room. 

Infinity pool right next to the only onsite restaurant, BLT. Very NICE and relaxing pool overlooking a waterway/canal. Your view from the pool is of homes situated on the waterway. 

They do serve breakfast. Choice of the buffet ($21) or the continental/cold bar option was ($12). We ventured offsite for lunch and dinner as one should to experience some local foods.Kite City food truck is DELICIOUS! They are at Teamo Beach about 11am-4pm. Take the shuttle to eat with them. It’s worth it! 

Cons: It is close to the airport. While at the pool, occasionally small boats pass by and you can see/hear planes landing. Its not very often so it didnt take away from the relaxing vibe. 
The hotel is not close to anything else, so you do have to rent a vehicle or take the hotel shuttle downtown. But you will be on their pickup/drop schedule. The shuttle also can take you to nearby (1mile away) Teamo beach. It is across from the airport and fuel/oil tankers. 

The restaurant doesn’t have a variety of food choices. It only features burgers and fries. After day 2, we didnt really eat there.

Most people go to Bonaire for diving. They do have a dive shop onsite but it wasn’t our focus.  If you are a diver, there are other hotels that cater more to that activity.

Overall: I would recommend this hotel for the price, accommodations, and location. 

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