Britannia Pub – Bogota, Colombia

Let me first say it was quite surprising to see an authentic English style pub in Columbia South America.

Even the owner/proprietor, Alex has the accent and all. Speaking of Alex, he is one of the coolest, down to earth, friendliest bar/pub owner I’ve encountered in a foreign country. You can tell from the onset, he is focused on the customer and the classic pub experience. From the quality of the beer to the football paraphernalia on the walls and screens, it’s what you would expect and then some.

The micro-brews and Colombian coffee (chemex style)….look it up, were great. We were there during the World Cup, so it was great atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating and giant screen TV’s. The downtown location and proximity to the Marriott made it the perfect spot to hit each day of our stay. Britannia never let us down with the level of service and knowledge of their product and the city. Alex actually suggested we get a taste of the real Bogota food experience by going to Agave Azule…awesome. Our last day in Bogota we went to say our farewells and true to form, Alex offered us some new coffee he was cross promoting and selling, on the house. Not many places invite you to drink, talk, share experiences to learn about other cultures like the atmosphere you experience once you walk through the doors of Britannia. Thanks Alex, for the libation and making
our trip to Columbia a spot to revisit soon.

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