8 Tips for The Colosseum in Rome


Rome and all its splendor had been on our bucket list since we started dating. The Colosseum was at the top of the list. After learning about it all through school I had fairly high hopes. I was not disappointed. It was everything I expected and more. Yes it is very busy. If you go in the summer months it will be hot. There will be long lines. Here are some tips and tricks that helped make our day a little easier.


(1) Buy your tickets in advance online. You can buy the Roma Pass that includes the Colosseum and a few other places. This will let you skip the horrendous long line to get in.

(2) If you forget to buy the tickets online you can still buy them at the entrance of Palatine Hill across the street. It’s a combo deal for the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. Again, you can skip the general ticket line.

(3) If traveling in the hot summer heat like we did, wear a hat and sunglasses. Bring sunscreen. You will burn! It’s super hot while walking around touring and there is not a great deal of shade.

(4) Wear comfortable walking shoes. It is a big place and there are steep stairs to get to the upper levels.

(5) Save money and download the free app from Rick Steve’s on your smartphone for the guided tour. It is equally as informative as a real live person from the staff.

(6) Take lots and lots of pictures. It’s an amazing architectural creation and you will want to show everyone when you get back home.

(7) Our biggest piece of advice is concerning getting there. We got soooooooo lost walking there. We were totally exhausted by the time we finally found it. The maps are not the easiest to read and decipher. I would recommend possibly taking a cab or some form of transportation. If not ask for directions and have it drawn out on your map.

(8) Bring an empty water bottle of some sort. They do have free tap water within the Colosseum to refill your bottle.


Enjoy! It truly is amazing to look at and think about the events that took place there. We loved it. We will return again if we come back to Rome.








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